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Can I rename a project?

A project can be renamed, who needs to do it depends on the version of Matrix you are using.

Project id vs project name

A project in Matrix has a name and an id

  • the project id is something like ABC 

  • the project name is something like "the alphabet'

The project id is used in the URL in your browser and for all hyperlinks within documents, for example if you see a "REQ-1" as a hyperlink it will point to""

The project name is only used in documents, usually in the document header.

Effect of changing project name and/or id

If you change the project name, all previously existing SIGN items will obviously show the old project name. Going forward all documents will show the name. All hyperlinks will still work.

If you change the project id, all previously existing SIGN document will have hyperlinks to a non existing project, e.g. if you change the project id from "ABC" to "DEF", the old SIGN items (or otherwise archived documents) will have hyperlinks to "" which doesn't exist anymore, the new documents will have "" instead.

The same is of course true if you have any cross project links or if you have stored matrix URLs somewhere else, like in a wiki or other documents.

Still, want to change the project id or name?

If you are on 2.3.7 or a lower version and you don't care about the above, just send us an email with

  • the old and new project ID

  • the new project name

If you are on 2.4, then you can do the change yourself in the Admin settings of the project. When changing a project id a warning is shown, that links to the project will no longer work, you must acknowledge the warning. You can change the name back if you need to.

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