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Item Selection By Search

In order to refine the item selection within a DOC section, you have the possibility to employ MRQL for filtering results according to specific parameters.

Dynamic sections require either one or two lists of items as input. These lists can be manually chosen by clicking on the "Select Items" button.. --

For result filtration, you can specify an MRQL search expression, which is utilized to populate the section. This configuration is achieved by entering a search expression within the provided option.

As an illustration, you can input a search expression, such as "mrql:title~'Wheel'" or "mrql:uplinkm=F-REQ-2," to pinpoint specific items for inclusion. Additional information regarding these search expressions can be accessed here: MRQL.

When a search expression is chosen, and a DOC item is selected, the section will signal whether the current selection deviates from what the search expression yields.

By clicking on the refresh icon, the search will be executed and the selection be updated accordingly.

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