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Matrix Terms and Abbreviations



What we mean with it


That is your MatrixALM/MatrixQMS website, something like


On project contains all the data for one product or a product release or a component of a product.


A group of design input or output artifacts, e.g. user requirements, risks, test description, test forms, soup item, etc.


A single artifact you want to store in Matrix, e.g one user requirement, one risk, etc.


Matrix Requirements Query Language (pronounced miracle) allows you to find items with complex search expressions.

DOC, document

A document is something which can be “printed” as PDF, it can be a report, a plan, a record …


When we speak about the “client side”, it’s the normal application in opposition with the administration side (restricted to admin where all configurations can be done).


User interface, everything which is visually available for the user.


This is the external platform to which you publish all Matrix items from your QMS project. It’s actually your Digital Quality Manual for your company.

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