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QMS_FILE Project

The QMS_FILE Project is a repository for your quality records (e.g. meeting minutes, internal audit plans and reports, ...).

The templates for these records should be defined in the QMS Project: Templates

Using a predefined template

When a template has been created in the QMS Project and assigned to be used in the QMS_FILE Project, it can be used to generate quality records.

  • Click on the main category folder DOC
  • Select Create from Template
  • This will show you a dropdown of all the latest versions of templates that have been assigned to the QMS_FILE Project
  • Select the appropriate template

Archiving a record

When the DOC item is completed with all necessary information

  • Click on Archive Document
  • Sign it off

At this moment, the information inside the archived document (SIGN item) is frozen and can be used as a quality record.

Organizing records

In order to keep a structure in all records, make use of the possibility to create (sub)folders.

When you click on the main category folder (SIGN in this case), you can click on Create folder.

SIGN items can be dragged and dropped to change their order or to put them in certain folders.

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