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How do I search for failed tests using MRQL

Don't forget that we have specific dashboard to look at the Test status per folder (then you can click on the failed XTC in the graphic to see them all):

Or look at the Test execution overview from the DASHBOARDS (Test Status Overview) as well:

If you want to use the Search box and the MRQL, the possible results for tests are usually stored in a field called "test run result".

The actual result depends on the configuration for test execution, which is a project setting. Tests can fail for multiple reasons, e.g. because one or more test steps have failed or because they have been manually set to fail.

The search expression must catch all of these failures, e.g. 

mrql:"test run result"~"error" or "test run result"="f"

will searches for failed tests for this configuration


finds the test results which are set to error because one or more test steps has failed: the actual value would be 'af|error|failed', so a search 
would return the same failed tests in above configuration. The actual, exact test results to search for these automatic tests is the values '1|2|3' or 'code|render|human' variables of the line in automatic.

The manual test results, where an operator uses the drop down to overwrite the automatic overall result just store '4' meaning the 'code', so in case of failed tests in the above configuration, an 


See an example of search to find all your failed executed tests:

So in short to find the exact search expression for your configuration can be a bit tricky, let us know for which projects you want to run an Matrix Requirements Query Language (MRQL) and we can help you...

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