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MatrixQMS - How does the structure of the QMS module compare with the structure of a paper-based QMS

Let's take a Design standard operating procedure (SOP) as an example.

In our QMS module, the processes are described in the PROC items.

The different processes that would be included in that procedure would be different PROC items in MatrixQMS.

Different PROC items can belong to one SOP. These SOPs are indicated by using the label in the PROC item. This means that the different PROC items in the example would all have the same label, being Design SOP.

When all of the PROC items and related working instructions (WI) are approved, the SOP can be published. This is done through PUB items.

This means that the latest approved version of those items becomes available on a simple webpage (LiveQMS). 

This webpage can be made available to anyone within the company that has rights to see that page. Even the ones that don't have access to Matrix itself.

More information on the QMS module can be found here: MatrixQMS Manual


Look at the recorded webinar on SOPs/procedures/processes/Work Instructions and how to handle them in MatrixQMS: (direct link here)

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