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OR Labels

An OR Label Group allows you to define labels which are grouped together in the UI, The labels work completely independent from each other (meaning they can be toggled on/off individually).

For example REQ and UNIT are two labels which can be defined to flag a test as unit and/or regression test.

These labels are defined in the administration client, by creating a group with these two labels.

Labels can easily be ordered by clicking on the up or down arrow besides label name.

Each Or Label is specified using this dialog

  • The label id is the internal identifier, which is stored in the database and which can be used in searches.
  • The exists in categories field allows you to define the categories for which the user can set the label
  • The styling table defines how the label is displayed in the UI:
    • There are 4 different appearances (one for each line)
      • the look of the label if it is set
      • the look of the label if it is not set
      • the style of the filter when selected
      • the style of the filter when not selected
    • Each line has several attributes
  • the print text field defines what should be shown in documents when printing an item which has the label set
  • When printing labels, they are either shown with a check mark to indicate they are set or a cross to indicate they are not set. The option set show in reports only if set allows to not show labels which are not set.
  • set labels when creating new items allows to automatically set items when creating new labels
  • if ask user to set labels when creating new items is checked the create dialog will allow the user to set the labels

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