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Print Configuration

In order to change the appearance of printed documents i.e. Word or PDF), you can modify the word template, in the template you can use different fonts and styles. and for example smart text tags to make document headers and footers.


When changing fonts you need to be aware that the fonts must be known to the server while generating PDFs since they are embedded. Therefore if you plan to directly generate PDF ask us for a list of available fonts.

Besides changing the fonts you can also define default rules for html blocks (rich text) embedded in the document. This is done using project JSON settings.

Example html formatting

  "richtextCSS":"font-family:Calibri,Arial;font-size:11pt;table, th, td { border: 1px solid black;}",
  "richtextStyle":".table-bordered {width:100%} table, tr, th, td  { border: 1px solid #000; border-collapse:collapse }"

If the server converts the html code provided by the richtext editor, it produces the following code

<span style="richtextCss">ORIGINAL HTML CODE</span>
  • use richtextStyle to specifically overwrite some predefined classes
  • use richtextCSS to define styles for entities which are not styled by a class.

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