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Test Results

This section renders the test results of a selected list of design input items, e.g. like this

Choosing the Content

Test results are shown for the selected test run. It is possible (optionally) to select items for which the test coverage should be documented:

  • If items are items are selected, the results can be printed as table (items with related test results) or tree (from items with complete traces to test results).
  • If no items are chosen only table with test results will be produced.

Specific Options for Test Result Sections

See also Changing the layout of document section and Item Selection By Search.

Options (default in bold)Explanation
Include last modified tests

In case there are several test results for the same test case, only the last one is shown.

last means the last modified / changed XTC

→ include all test resultsunconditionally include all selected test results
→ include last created test resultsSelects the XTCs with the higher IDs if there are multiple included XTCs which are derived from the same TC.
Show complete traceability tree

If test results for items, e .g. REQ are shown, this will show the tree from the items to the XTC


Not Checked:

Show only items with failed testsInclude items only information with tests which failed
Add a reference of tested items to table of contentInclude the references of tested items to the table of content if such a section is included in the document. See Table of Contents for required options.
List elements in numerical orderSort the items by the item ids.
Ignore datesDoes not show warnings about outdated traces
→ Indicate outdated tracesShow warning about outdated traces
→ Treat outdated traces as errorsShow outdated traces as error

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